Scholarship Available

All Backward class students and the student coming in the lower income group should apply for Govt. Of India scholarship in the prescribed form through their respective college in the month of June only.

The application form will be made available to them at the time of their admission.  All the students should be vigilant enough to fill in the form complete in all respects as any omission or incorrect / false information may disqualify them for the above SCHOLARSHIP. The students having gap in their education should invariably file a court affidavit declaring as to what they were doing during the intervening period.

The students who were in receipt of Govt. of India scholarship last year and have passed the annual examination are required to fill no application form . Their cases will be submitted to the Director of Social Welfare by the college for renewal of scholarship.  The student of  B.A., B.Com., B.Sc., Part I, M.A, M.Com, M.Sc. Part I will be treated as fresh candidates  for purpose of scholarship and as such they are required to apply for scholarship in the prescribed form.

Kinds of Scholarship/Concession

Sr. No. Scholarship / Concession
01 National Merit Scholarship
02 Govt of India Scholarship
03 Concession For Children of Pri-& Sec- School Teachers
04 Concession for Children of Freedom Fighters
05 Scholarship For Physically Handicapped
06 Chhatrapati Sahu Maharaj
07 Scholarship For OBC
08 Welfare & Cess Commissionor, Labour Welfare Organisation
09 Scholarship for WCL Employee child on behalf of Western Coal Mine