Dr. Ambedkar College of Arts, Commerce and Science, Chandrapur established by Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Memorial Society, Chandrapur in 1970 with just 420 students, has now grown into a large banyan tree. Today, about 4500 students are learning in this College. It is our endeavour to impart quality education to the poor and underprivileged students and to inculcate among them human values of liberty, equality and fraternity incorporated in the preamble of Indian constitution. Our vision is to serve the poor by providing them best educational facilities, to enable them to compete successfully and uplift themselves in all spheres of life. Our goal is to develop the college into a centre of excellence to meet industrial requirements and socio-economical needs of Vidharbh.



Dr. Ambedkar College of Arts, Commerce and Science, Chandrapur is known for its faculty, infrastructure, library and laboratories and provides ample opportunities for overall development of the students. Despite the decline in moral and social values in the present time, the students of this college are known for their good qualities in and outside the college campus. This institution has aptly proved its glorious tradition which has imbued many generations of its alumni. Activities of various departments cater to develop and enhance creativity of the students. Lord Buddha's universal teaching and Dr. Ambedkar's slogan 'Learn, Organise, Agitate' is preached and practised in the right spirit in our campus.