Vision & Mission

Vision of the Institution:

To kindle the spirit of learning among the youth, to uplift the lives of downtrodden, Minority communities, eradicate their poverty and make them lead a sustainable life, to consistently pursue excellence preserving the tradition of high reputation while meeting the challenges of globalised world.

Mission of the Institution:

To provide:

Equal Opportunities of Education.

To impart universal teaching of Lord Buddha and practise Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar's slogan "Learn, Organise and Agitate."

Holistic education ensuring all round development of students.

Create human capitals, which can be an asset to the nation.

Aims and Objectives of the Institution:

To preserve human values of equality, freedom, fraternity, amity, compassion and tolerance among students.

To provide opportunities to premising students from Minority communities who have been denied progress and prestige by religious, social system for many years.

To create opportunities of education for the poor students of rural areas.

To develop the overall personality of students alongwith their educational, physical, mental and intellectual development.

To inculcate the spirit of service, sense of sacrifice and social commitment among students.

To exhort the students regularly to give utmost importance to moral principal in their personal and social life.

To educate the students in order to make them realize the significance of parliamentary democracy, secularism, socialism and supremacy of Indian constitution and the rule of law.

To enable the students to accept the change in every walk of life and face the challenges that come along with it.

To develop analytical, intellectual and logical thinking among students.

To awaken the students to believe it is not caste, religion, sect, language, region or creed but nationalism which is the supreme loyalty of all.